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download AVA Catherside SS14 Lookbook and Press Release

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download AVA Catherside AW13 Lookbook and Press Release

download AVA Catherside SS13 Lookbook and Press Release

download AVA Catherside AW12 Lookbook and Press Release

download AVA Catherside SS12 Lookbook and Press Release

download AVA Catherside A3 Lookbook and Press Release

AVA Catherside is a London based label launched in January 2011 by duo Veronica Todisco and Anna Gloria Flores.

Redefining the traditional laws of tailoring, the garments are stripped from details and finishing - minimalizing the structure to its core.

Breaking outfits into their constituent elements, isolating details and volumes, reducing them to their absolute essentials in terms of shape and function.

Every garment becomes unique since it represents the carcass of this assembly process.

AVA Catherside applies a monochromatic palette to razor-sharp and understated, unisex silhouettes.

Each piece grew from one single design, cut by hand with a blade and a ruler to create a series of cohesive, individual garments. 


Innovative and classic, contradicting and excepting.

Every collection is an evolution of the previous one, against the consumerism of seasonal trends.

The focus is on the processes of creation, and elements of entropy are a key aspect.

The collections are crafted and every piece is cut individually by hand. Everything is made in the UK using high quality Italian fabrics.




visit AVA Catherside Press Page

LN-CC FILM: AVA Catherside AW12


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